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Bella: What was going to happen [Jan. 28th, 2009|06:30 pm]
Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild


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Unless someone gets a private sim again, we're probably never going to go back to the Nawi/Bella storyline (and in fact if we did get a sim, we'd probably want to try something different anyway). So I thought I'd might as well outline what I foresaw as the end of the story arc as well as what was really going on in a few episodes. If you really don't want to find out, don't read further...

The rescue of Nawi

Nawi was of course the naked alien discovered by the crew of Lesanne's ship. There were strong hints that she was highly telepathic. She was found in a wrecked alien ship and told about an attack by a previously unknown species called the Dana.

She was abducted from the Rangers by pirates... who were hired, and double-crossed, by a secretive government agency called the Mission, who took Nawi off themselves. The Mission was once a security agency, responsible only to the Galactic Council, but had increasingly come to act only in its own interest.

Chodai's character on Bella (Karen) was a Mission sleeper agent. She was the one who killed Big Johnson-- this was intended as a warning to Friar, the Metternacht man. Chodai came to believe that the Mission underestimated both Nawi and Friar, and was trying to get to Nawi herself by some means.

Nawi was held at a Mission space station in a system without inhabited planets (you may remember its location being pointed out at the Stellarium, as well as the unexpectedly large extent of Dana space). Being held against her will and tortured, she basically went insane, and took telepathic control over the Mission station. The converging expeditions to the station-- Friar's and Chodai's-- would have faced a series of deadly threats and puzzles, from simple Mission soldiers on the outside to nightmarish distorted realities further in.

Friar's attempt to neutralize her telepathic skills for commercial purposes would very likely lead to disaster. I was hoping that Steph would come along on Chodai's team; her own telepathic skills could have led to an alliance with Nawi that saved her and allowed the AGC to focus on the Dana threat.