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E-RP 4/17 - Being Big Johnson - Recap [Apr. 19th, 2008|01:19 pm]
Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild


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Colony Admin: Arwen, Gebxa, Fenton (Pacific)
Metternacht: Friar, Mars
Lotus Tong: Lorn, Mavia, Mischa (Kata)
Titan Biotech: Big Johnson (Kata), Karen (Chodai)
Independent: reporter Aly Milligan

Damned LJ.  Had a recap nearly done and it lost it. 

Death isn't permanent in this world... if you have a well supplied med lab and the backups.  Lacking some supplies, Geb was only able to reconstitute Big Johnson's brain, and only with a backup from a few weeks back... Johnson was lax about backups.  So of course he doesn't know anything about his own murder.

The new Sec Chief, Arwen, spent her time interviewing suspects, a class which includes just about everyone.  Mayor Fenton and Aly helped in this. 

Friar received a message on his PDA: "We know what you are after.  Be wise.  You could be next."   He was inclined to dismiss it as someone capitalizing on the confusion, but he reported it to Arwen.

There was a good deal of interest in the codes needed for running the teg plant, which Johnson had in his head-- he didn't trust his underlings.  Mischa-- a prostitute working for the Tong, and allegely Johnson's former lover-- managed to get them out of Big Johnson's brain.  She also managed to get the brain... and promptly dropped it, smashing it.  She was stopped by Arwen, but managed to pass the codes to someone else.

Karen, working at the plant, made the disturbing discovery that a box of teg (worth at least 50,000 credits) was missing.

=== GM notes ==
11 characters... wow... that's our highest turnout yet.  Thanks to all, and please bear with us as we work out how to tell stories of this level of complexity.

Aly has a partial transcript up here: http://www.slprofiles.com/secondlifeblog.asp?a=comments&id=17392

These first episodes were mostly intended to introduce the situation, develop characters, and encourage interaction.  Future stories may be more structured.  (By the way, if you want to have a conversation or a seduction with another character, feel free to play it out between episodes at Bella.)

A pedantic note: teg is a biological substance, not a mineral.  (It's unlikely that any given mineral would be restricted to one planet.)

And a pedantic reminder: interstellar travel and communication take several days at least.  (This is a RP rule intended to keep players on an equal footing.)  So, for instance, Titan's home office doesn't know about the murder yet.