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E-RP 4/ 24 - Who Gets Teg? - Recap [Apr. 25th, 2008|03:48 pm]
Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild


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Colony Admin: Arwen, Gebxa, Fenton (Pacific)
Metternacht: Friar
Lotus Tong: Lorn, Mavia, Mischa (Kata)
Titan Biotech: Karen (Chodai)
Independent: Aly 

This episode picked up where last week's left off.  Arwen had just taken Lorn and Mischa into custody in Asiatown.

Mischa made a break for it-- jumping into the ocean and making for the city center.  Arwen flagged down Pacific to go after her, while she took Lorn downtown, at gunpoint.  She had noticed something being handed from Mischa to Lorn, and wanted to know what it was.

Mavia hurried out to see this, and was unable to interfere.  She talked to the Pacific in hopes that he would intervene... taking the Tong leader into custody was very bad, could lead to big trouble.

Meanwhile Mischa was rescued and cared for by Geb, with Friar and Karen's help.  She told them that Arwen had tried to kill her and had to be stopped.  She was allowed to make a call, and summoned Mavia, who arrived with a couple of guns.  Mavia berated her for being a stupid slut, but convinced the others to let her take her away.

Both agreed that they should go to the admin center to free their boss, Lorn.  They met Friar and he rather easily agreed to help.  Karen was lurking nearby, and when she was seen walking into the admin, the conspirators needed to act quickly.

There was a showdown in the medical bay, where Arwen was trying to get the information from Lorn's PDA.  Mischa moved close to Arwen, separating her from Lorn, all the while claiming that she was nuts and trying to kill everyone.  Arwen refused to turn the PDAs over to Pacific, claiming that she couldn't interfere in a murder investigation; Pacific decided to fire her and deputize Friar.   Friar shot Arwen, and then had to lay down with a case of the vapors, explaining that he'd never shot anyone before.

Karen now attempted to take the mayor hostage, and Lorn started shooting at Friar, who managed to get away with 2% health on his meter.  (Lorn says she thought he was aggressive and trying to shoot the mayor...)

=== GM notes ===

This was player initiative in spades. :)  Mischa's getaway attempt was planned, but everything else just developed in response to that.  I didn't even get to show off my new stellarium.  (But you can see it anyway; it's linked to the teleporters in Coyote, and it's worth a look so you can see what Ara Quadrant looks like.  Click on the named stars for informative notecards.)

I feel bad for Arwen who managed to stir up all the questionable rogues in this RP at once... at least she had the satisfaction of seeing the conspirators turn on each other afterward.  (As Kata mentioned at Dingo's, Arwen was set up.  It was just a story to free Lorn.)

The evening was supposed to resolve who killed Big Johnson and who gets the teg... looks like these are still in the air.  We'll try to make sense of all this and hopefully have a less shooty episode next time...