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E-RP Recap 5/22: Aftermath - Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild

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E-RP Recap 5/22: Aftermath [May. 23rd, 2008|01:34 am]
Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild



Colony Admin: Gebxa, Arwen
Lotus Tong: Lorn, Mavia
Titan Biotech: Karen (Chodai)
Independent: Steph
Void Raiders: Kata

The story picked up a few days after last episode.  A backup of Lorn was revived in the med bay by Geb.  She hadn't been backed up lately, so she was unaware of any of the recent dramatic events, from Big Johnson's death to her own shooting.

Two people arrived at the spaceport.  One was Steph Lowensztark, a local artist, returning from offworld where she was selling some paintings.  (She uses teg as a substrate, creating fixed emotional resonances.)  She was surprised and distressed to hear about Big Johnson's murder; she went with Mavia to the restaurant to catch up.

The other was Kata-- a pirate, in search of Lorn.  Karen accompanied her to the med bay.  Once Lorn was on her feet, she met Kata and the restaurant.  Kata brought her a rose from offworld, and revealed that she was helping Friar look for "a girl".  This alarmed Mavia since Lorn wasn't even aware that Friar had shot Lorn (and vice versa).  She took her to the Tong house to explain.  Kata later came by, having learned about recent events from Karen.  She volunteered that she had nothing against Lorn, and had information on the 'girl' Friar was searching for, which she offered to Lorn.  Lorn was suspicious, wanting nothing to do with it, but Mavia pressed her to accept... all information is good, especially about someone who tried to kill you.  Kata took off in her ship.

Meanwhile Steph talked to Geb about Johnson, who had taught her about teg refining, until Geb was called to the infirmary-- Arwen was finally recovering.  Without the mayor around, however, her status was uncertain.  Rather naively, Geb gave her back her gun...

== GM Notes ==
Wow, no fatalities for once!

There is a big hunk of plot going on involving Karen which started this week; this will become clear soon enough.