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Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild

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E-RP 6/5 Recap - Up and Running [Jun. 6th, 2008|01:23 am]
Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild



Colony Admin: Gebxa, Arwen, Fenton (Kata)
Lotus Tong: Lorn, Mavia
Titan Biotech: Karen (Chodai)
Independent: Steph

Arwen and Mayor Fenton have a rather intense talk in his office.  Fenton is rambling and allusive... he clearly wants to hire Arwen back, but only if she more or less sweeps recent events under the table.  Arwen is suspicious and of course resents being shot (with the mayor's complicity).  However, she also reveals that there are "unsolved cases" that have brought her here to Bella. 

Meanwhile, Steph, Karen, and Mavia are talking in the cafeteria.  Karen is bitter over recent events and feels that Bella is "a quiet and lonely place to die slowly".  Steph rather likes it... it's a quiet place to paint.  The discussion shifts to getting revived after death... Steph is totally against this, as it's unnatural.  Mavia mentions that her brother was revived, when he was 12.

Steph runs into Lorn in Chinatown, and Mavia joins them.  They exchange some pleasantries, till a discussion of Pirate Kata from last episode rings a bell for Mavia: she suggests that they find a stellarium to display the data that Kata gave them.

They go to the mayor's office, interrupting his conversation with Arwen.  Everybody heads to the stellarium and Mavia loads Kata's data.  It's the coordinates of a single star, between New Damascus and Zhurian space, labelled "Nawi".  No one knows this name, and it's soon established that it's not a star name.  There is a brown dwarf there, but it's not called Nawi.  Mavia explains that Kata was looking for someone, that this was very important to her... and that Friar was involved somehow too.

The mayor thinks that he could solve a few problems at once by sending Arwen to investigate the place.  Arwen seems torn, but is at least considering the idea.

== GM notes ==
Tonight's episode was a little hampered by two of our plot-oriented people, Chodai and Geb, having RL interfere with RP.  We did pretty well, considering.

The good people of Bella don't realize it, of course, but Nawi is the alien encountered way back in the first episode.   

Transcript of tonight's episode here: http://www.slprofiles.com/myblog.asp?id=18806&a=view