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Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild

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E-RP Recap 6/12: Storm [Jun. 14th, 2008|12:35 am]
Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild



 Colony Admin: Gebxa, Fenton (Mars)
Lotus Tong: Lorn, Mavia
Titan Biotech: LaTaea Rayna
Independent: Steph 

When the episode began, the mayor was greeting LaTaea, an executive from Titan Biotech sent to Bella to get the teg plant working again.  Geb and Lorn were talking, and Mavia was giving a massage to Steph.  It was raining badly.

Pretty quickly everyone noticed that the water levels were rising... and rising.  The lower levels of Chinatown and the admin center were flooded; as this was where the reactor was, power was lost in most of the colony.  The water levels kept rising, eventually flooding all of the habitable areas below the catwalk (except for the Tong house which is on high ground).

There was a good deal of running around trying to find everyone and consider options; finally everyone ended up in Big Johnson's private ship (which he also used as his living quarters and playboy pad).  With LaTaea's help to supply the access codes, Steph piloted it up above the clouds to wait out the emergency.

Access to global monitors showed that the surge seemed to be caused by the storm, and would soon die down.  Nothing like it had been experienced even by longtime residents like Mavia and Fenton.  Geb noted, curiously, that the flood also coincided with an unusual rise in the ocean's toxicity.  Bella's oceans were not well studied, since only the teg organisms were considered of interest.

=== GM notes ===
Sometimes a simple disaster is fun to deal with.  Plus, it's pretty cool to see Bella underwater.  Linden water is very pretty. :)