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Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild

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Bella: What was going to happen [Jan. 28th, 2009|06:30 pm]
Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild

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Unless someone gets a private sim again, we're probably never going to go back to the Nawi/Bella storyline (and in fact if we did get a sim, we'd probably want to try something different anyway). So I thought I'd might as well outline what I foresaw as the end of the story arc as well as what was really going on in a few episodes. If you really don't want to find out, don't read further...

The rescue of NawiCollapse )
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E-RP Recap 6/19: After the Storm [Jun. 20th, 2008|02:12 pm]
Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild


Colony Admin: Fenton (Kata), Arwen
Lotus Tong: Mavia
Titan Biotech: LaTaea, Chodai, Nathan (Mars)
Independent: Steph 

The storm left Bella disarrayed, full of mud, and partly out of power.  The mayor struggled to do something about this.

LaTaea, the offworld exec from Titan, held a meeting with Chodai and Nathan.  It didn't go very smoothly.  Nathan in particular took the opportunity to raise grievances-- the plant had always been underfunded, run with the minimum of expenditure to keep the teg flowing, and with indifference to the human cost.   LaTaea took a hard line, saying in effect that the only option was cooperating with the company.

After this both Mars and Arwen saw some sort of creature nosing around the base, and this caused some commotion.  The mayor denied that there was any native life bigger than the inch-long fish found in the ocean.  He went off to talk to LaTaea (who promised to help rebuild Bella); while Mars and Mavia scoured the beach and found some large clawprints.

== GM notes ==
Sometimes we prepare a lot and not much gets used; sometimes, as in this case, not enough.  It's very hard to keep everyone busy and maintain a multi-threaded story. 

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E-RP Recap 6/12: Storm [Jun. 14th, 2008|12:35 am]
Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild


 Colony Admin: Gebxa, Fenton (Mars)
Lotus Tong: Lorn, Mavia
Titan Biotech: LaTaea Rayna
Independent: Steph 

When the episode began, the mayor was greeting LaTaea, an executive from Titan Biotech sent to Bella to get the teg plant working again.  Geb and Lorn were talking, and Mavia was giving a massage to Steph.  It was raining badly.

Pretty quickly everyone noticed that the water levels were rising... and rising.  The lower levels of Chinatown and the admin center were flooded; as this was where the reactor was, power was lost in most of the colony.  The water levels kept rising, eventually flooding all of the habitable areas below the catwalk (except for the Tong house which is on high ground).

There was a good deal of running around trying to find everyone and consider options; finally everyone ended up in Big Johnson's private ship (which he also used as his living quarters and playboy pad).  With LaTaea's help to supply the access codes, Steph piloted it up above the clouds to wait out the emergency.

Access to global monitors showed that the surge seemed to be caused by the storm, and would soon die down.  Nothing like it had been experienced even by longtime residents like Mavia and Fenton.  Geb noted, curiously, that the flood also coincided with an unusual rise in the ocean's toxicity.  Bella's oceans were not well studied, since only the teg organisms were considered of interest.

=== GM notes ===
Sometimes a simple disaster is fun to deal with.  Plus, it's pretty cool to see Bella underwater.  Linden water is very pretty. :)
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E-RP 6/5 Recap - Up and Running [Jun. 6th, 2008|01:23 am]
Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild


Colony Admin: Gebxa, Arwen, Fenton (Kata)
Lotus Tong: Lorn, Mavia
Titan Biotech: Karen (Chodai)
Independent: Steph

Arwen and Mayor Fenton have a rather intense talk in his office.  Fenton is rambling and allusive... he clearly wants to hire Arwen back, but only if she more or less sweeps recent events under the table.  Arwen is suspicious and of course resents being shot (with the mayor's complicity).  However, she also reveals that there are "unsolved cases" that have brought her here to Bella. 

Meanwhile, Steph, Karen, and Mavia are talking in the cafeteria.  Karen is bitter over recent events and feels that Bella is "a quiet and lonely place to die slowly".  Steph rather likes it... it's a quiet place to paint.  The discussion shifts to getting revived after death... Steph is totally against this, as it's unnatural.  Mavia mentions that her brother was revived, when he was 12.

Steph runs into Lorn in Chinatown, and Mavia joins them.  They exchange some pleasantries, till a discussion of Pirate Kata from last episode rings a bell for Mavia: she suggests that they find a stellarium to display the data that Kata gave them.

They go to the mayor's office, interrupting his conversation with Arwen.  Everybody heads to the stellarium and Mavia loads Kata's data.  It's the coordinates of a single star, between New Damascus and Zhurian space, labelled "Nawi".  No one knows this name, and it's soon established that it's not a star name.  There is a brown dwarf there, but it's not called Nawi.  Mavia explains that Kata was looking for someone, that this was very important to her... and that Friar was involved somehow too.

The mayor thinks that he could solve a few problems at once by sending Arwen to investigate the place.  Arwen seems torn, but is at least considering the idea.

== GM notes ==
Tonight's episode was a little hampered by two of our plot-oriented people, Chodai and Geb, having RL interfere with RP.  We did pretty well, considering.

The good people of Bella don't realize it, of course, but Nawi is the alien encountered way back in the first episode.   

Transcript of tonight's episode here: http://www.slprofiles.com/myblog.asp?id=18806&a=view

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Episode Guide [May. 23rd, 2008|03:32 am]
Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild


Season 1 - On the Nebulous

9/30/07 Alien Encounter.  Meeting with Nawi in the ruined ship.  http://mavia.livejournal.com/68494.html#cutid1
10/7 Alien Encounter #2.  Learning to communicate with Nawi.
10/14 Assault at Arnem Station.  Taking Nawi to a xenobio lab; attacked by pirates.   http://mavia.livejournal.com/69740.html
10/27 Asault at Arnem Station http://mavia.livejournal.com/70505.html#cutid1
11/10 The Ship is Gonna Blow! - Trapped in an asteroid with pirate Kata and her crew - Nawi gone.
11/17 Asteroid Rage.  Crew has to cooperate with the pirates to save their hides.

Season 2 - At Echo Station

12/13 Drama Night.  At Echo, the chief engineer seems a little off.   http://community.livejournal.com/echo_guild/314.html
1/8/08 Engineering Failure.  The air supply is lost; only Adin can fix it.   http://community.livejournal.com/echo_guild/2449.html
1/20 The Company Agent.  Friar now has possession of the alien ship.   http://community.livejournal.com/echo_guild/3262.html
2/3 Equipment Test.  Friar has a new battlebot to test.   http://community.livejournal.com/echo_guild/3555.html
2/16 Neutral Ground.  Pirate Kata has a lead on where to find Nawi.  Mars shoots Lesanne..   http://community.livejournal.com/echo_guild/3950.html
3/1 The Reckoning.  Lesanne demoted; Mars hired by Friar.   http://community.livejournal.com/echo_guild/4954.html

Season 3 - On Bella

4/10 Welcome to Bella.  Friar comes to Bella; Big Johnson gets murdered.   http://community.livejournal.com/echo_guild/7220.html
4/17 Being Big Johnson.  Johnson's Brain sheds little light on the murder.   http://community.livejournal.com/echo_guild/8420.html
4/24 Who Gets Teg?  Mischa diverts suspicion to the sheriff; Lorn shoots Friar.   http://community.livejournal.com/echo_guild/8479.html
5/8 Who Gets Teg?  Lorn and Friar talk but end up saying it with bullets.   #2 http://community.livejournal.com/echo_guild/8902.html
5/22 Aftermath.  Pirate Kata comes to town with info.   http://community.livejournal.com/echo_guild/9139.html
6/5 Up and Running.  Fenton and Arwen negotiate terms.  Mavia finds how to display Kata's information, showing a star labelled "Nawi".
6/12 Storm.  The colony deals with a sudden catastrophic flood.  http://community.livejournal.com/echo_guild/9834.html
6/19 After the Storm.  A Titan exec tries to take charge; a critter shows up.

 7/4 Lisa, #1 whore, seems to be on drugs; miner Nathan gets upset.
7/11 Geb investigates some miners who are comatose
7/18 The Tong wants Lisa to go cold turkey.  Lorn is infected by a Metternacht gizmo.  Chodai wants a ship.
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E-RP Recap 5/22: Aftermath [May. 23rd, 2008|01:34 am]
Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild


Colony Admin: Gebxa, Arwen
Lotus Tong: Lorn, Mavia
Titan Biotech: Karen (Chodai)
Independent: Steph
Void Raiders: Kata

The story picked up a few days after last episode.  A backup of Lorn was revived in the med bay by Geb.  She hadn't been backed up lately, so she was unaware of any of the recent dramatic events, from Big Johnson's death to her own shooting.

Two people arrived at the spaceport.  One was Steph Lowensztark, a local artist, returning from offworld where she was selling some paintings.  (She uses teg as a substrate, creating fixed emotional resonances.)  She was surprised and distressed to hear about Big Johnson's murder; she went with Mavia to the restaurant to catch up.

The other was Kata-- a pirate, in search of Lorn.  Karen accompanied her to the med bay.  Once Lorn was on her feet, she met Kata and the restaurant.  Kata brought her a rose from offworld, and revealed that she was helping Friar look for "a girl".  This alarmed Mavia since Lorn wasn't even aware that Friar had shot Lorn (and vice versa).  She took her to the Tong house to explain.  Kata later came by, having learned about recent events from Karen.  She volunteered that she had nothing against Lorn, and had information on the 'girl' Friar was searching for, which she offered to Lorn.  Lorn was suspicious, wanting nothing to do with it, but Mavia pressed her to accept... all information is good, especially about someone who tried to kill you.  Kata took off in her ship.

Meanwhile Steph talked to Geb about Johnson, who had taught her about teg refining, until Geb was called to the infirmary-- Arwen was finally recovering.  Without the mayor around, however, her status was uncertain.  Rather naively, Geb gave her back her gun...

== GM Notes ==
Wow, no fatalities for once!

There is a big hunk of plot going on involving Karen which started this week; this will become clear soon enough.  
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E-RP 5/8 - Who Gets Teg? #2 - Recap [May. 15th, 2008|01:48 pm]
Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild

[Tags|, ]

Colony Admin: Fenton (Pacific)
Metternacht: Friar, Mars
Lotus Tong: Lorn, Mavia, Mischa (Kata)
Titan Biotech: Karen (Chodai)
Independent: Aly 

The episode started a few days after the last one.  Arwen was still recovering from her shooting; Friar was on his feet again.  He received an invitation to talk from Mavia, hostess at the Chinese restaurant and Tong agent.  She apologized on behalf of the Tong for Lorn's shooting him, explaining that it was a mistake, and expressing her personal view that it was dishonorable.  She asked him to talk to Lorn, which he agreed to do, by PDA.

Outside the restaurant, however, he ran into Mischa.  He immediately confronted her at gunpoint... Mavia refused to intervene.  He took her to the city center.  On the way he talked by PDA to Lorn; but he was brusque and demanding, and Lorn, offended, hung up.

Meanwhile Aly and Fenton were interrogating Karen, who was detained in the security office.  Karenexplained that she had debts to pay off to the Tong, and wanted access to the teg to pay it.  When Aly started saying that she seemed to have good motivation to kill Big Johnson, Karen panicked, but implicated Friar and Mars instead.

There was a big explosion about this time; as we learned later, it was the teg plant.

Mars and Lorn showed up as well, and there was a confrontation.  Friar and Lorn shot each other-- but Friar was more thorough.  

He and Mars interrogated Mischa hard (Fenton was present but not able to interfere), and Mischa led them to a safe in the reactor room where one case of teg was hidden.  Friar took it, assuming it was enough for his needs, and he and Mars took off... assuring Fenton that Metternacht would pay the colony for the teg.

=== GM notes ===
So much for being less shooty.  I tried to get Lorn and Friar to talk, I really did.

The Metternacht/Nawi storyline will be put on hold for a bit so we can tell some different kinds of stories on Bella.
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E-RP 4/ 24 - Who Gets Teg? - Recap [Apr. 25th, 2008|03:48 pm]
Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild

[Tags|, , , , , , , ]

Colony Admin: Arwen, Gebxa, Fenton (Pacific)
Metternacht: Friar
Lotus Tong: Lorn, Mavia, Mischa (Kata)
Titan Biotech: Karen (Chodai)
Independent: Aly 

This episode picked up where last week's left off.  Arwen had just taken Lorn and Mischa into custody in Asiatown.

Mischa made a break for it-- jumping into the ocean and making for the city center.  Arwen flagged down Pacific to go after her, while she took Lorn downtown, at gunpoint.  She had noticed something being handed from Mischa to Lorn, and wanted to know what it was.

Mavia hurried out to see this, and was unable to interfere.  She talked to the Pacific in hopes that he would intervene... taking the Tong leader into custody was very bad, could lead to big trouble.

Meanwhile Mischa was rescued and cared for by Geb, with Friar and Karen's help.  She told them that Arwen had tried to kill her and had to be stopped.  She was allowed to make a call, and summoned Mavia, who arrived with a couple of guns.  Mavia berated her for being a stupid slut, but convinced the others to let her take her away.

Both agreed that they should go to the admin center to free their boss, Lorn.  They met Friar and he rather easily agreed to help.  Karen was lurking nearby, and when she was seen walking into the admin, the conspirators needed to act quickly.

There was a showdown in the medical bay, where Arwen was trying to get the information from Lorn's PDA.  Mischa moved close to Arwen, separating her from Lorn, all the while claiming that she was nuts and trying to kill everyone.  Arwen refused to turn the PDAs over to Pacific, claiming that she couldn't interfere in a murder investigation; Pacific decided to fire her and deputize Friar.   Friar shot Arwen, and then had to lay down with a case of the vapors, explaining that he'd never shot anyone before.

Karen now attempted to take the mayor hostage, and Lorn started shooting at Friar, who managed to get away with 2% health on his meter.  (Lorn says she thought he was aggressive and trying to shoot the mayor...)

=== GM notes ===

This was player initiative in spades. :)  Mischa's getaway attempt was planned, but everything else just developed in response to that.  I didn't even get to show off my new stellarium.  (But you can see it anyway; it's linked to the teleporters in Coyote, and it's worth a look so you can see what Ara Quadrant looks like.  Click on the named stars for informative notecards.)

I feel bad for Arwen who managed to stir up all the questionable rogues in this RP at once... at least she had the satisfaction of seeing the conspirators turn on each other afterward.  (As Kata mentioned at Dingo's, Arwen was set up.  It was just a story to free Lorn.)

The evening was supposed to resolve who killed Big Johnson and who gets the teg... looks like these are still in the air.  We'll try to make sense of all this and hopefully have a less shooty episode next time...

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E-RP 4/17 - Being Big Johnson - Recap [Apr. 19th, 2008|01:19 pm]
Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild

[Tags|, ]

Colony Admin: Arwen, Gebxa, Fenton (Pacific)
Metternacht: Friar, Mars
Lotus Tong: Lorn, Mavia, Mischa (Kata)
Titan Biotech: Big Johnson (Kata), Karen (Chodai)
Independent: reporter Aly Milligan

Damned LJ.  Had a recap nearly done and it lost it. 

Death isn't permanent in this world... if you have a well supplied med lab and the backups.  Lacking some supplies, Geb was only able to reconstitute Big Johnson's brain, and only with a backup from a few weeks back... Johnson was lax about backups.  So of course he doesn't know anything about his own murder.

The new Sec Chief, Arwen, spent her time interviewing suspects, a class which includes just about everyone.  Mayor Fenton and Aly helped in this. 

Friar received a message on his PDA: "We know what you are after.  Be wise.  You could be next."   He was inclined to dismiss it as someone capitalizing on the confusion, but he reported it to Arwen.

There was a good deal of interest in the codes needed for running the teg plant, which Johnson had in his head-- he didn't trust his underlings.  Mischa-- a prostitute working for the Tong, and allegely Johnson's former lover-- managed to get them out of Big Johnson's brain.  She also managed to get the brain... and promptly dropped it, smashing it.  She was stopped by Arwen, but managed to pass the codes to someone else.

Karen, working at the plant, made the disturbing discovery that a box of teg (worth at least 50,000 credits) was missing.

=== GM notes ==
11 characters... wow... that's our highest turnout yet.  Thanks to all, and please bear with us as we work out how to tell stories of this level of complexity.

Aly has a partial transcript up here: http://www.slprofiles.com/secondlifeblog.asp?a=comments&id=17392

These first episodes were mostly intended to introduce the situation, develop characters, and encourage interaction.  Future stories may be more structured.  (By the way, if you want to have a conversation or a seduction with another character, feel free to play it out between episodes at Bella.)

A pedantic note: teg is a biological substance, not a mineral.  (It's unlikely that any given mineral would be restricted to one planet.)

And a pedantic reminder: interstellar travel and communication take several days at least.  (This is a RP rule intended to keep players on an equal footing.)  So, for instance, Titan's home office doesn't know about the murder yet.

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E-RP 4/17 - Being Big Johnson - Briefing [Apr. 16th, 2008|07:31 pm]
Announcements for the Echo Center Roleplay Guild

[Tags|, , ]

== Thursday's episode ==

The main focus, naturally, will be investigating Big Johnson's murder.  The Bella security chief, Arwen, will be in charge of the investigation.  Consider yourself a suspect.  I won't tell you to cooperate with the authorieies... that's up to you!

These first episodes are also for getting to know each other, and developing your characters.  So if you're not being investigated at the moment, mingle.  See who these people are and what they're doing on this godforsaken planet. 

There's at least one other thing going on.  You'll notice if you're involved. :)

We'll wrap up at 7:30 pm SLT.  The investigation may continue into next week, but the main focus may move on to something else....

== If you're new ==

Check out the RP rules and other useful info here: http://community.livejournal.com/echo_guild/profile

The echo_guild community is also used for announcements, recaps, and other items of interest. The last couple of posts can help you catch up.  Or you can just ask people (IC).

== Faction overview ==

A refresher in case you're a little lost.  This list may not be complete!

Colony administration:
  Fenton Fong Jr. [Pacific] - mayor
  Arwen Hextall - sec chief
  Gebxa Perenti - doctor/counselor
Tital Biotech - runs the teg extraction facility
  Big Johnson Morrison [Kata] - chief engineer
  Jodi Jonson - engineer
  Karen Markov [Chodai] - engineer
Lotus Tong - your friendly local underground
  Lorn Avro - local chief
  Mavia Hian - manager of Golden Palace restaurant; masseuse
Metternacht Pan-Galactic - evil corporation
  Friar Homewood - local chief
  Mars Benelli - ex-Ranger; ask him his current role, if you dare
  Aly Milligan - relentless reporter

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